Update on Zimbabwe Life Project (2019)

Zimbabwe Life Project (ZLP) will be embarking on their second trip to Zimbabwe in September 2019. This group of mental health professionals will be participating in a training program in Harare and Bulawayo. For more information on their next trip, visit the ZLP website https://zlp.org.uk/.

All volunteers going on this trip are funding themselves and have taken annual leave for the duration of the trip, just as they did last year.

This time around, the mental health professionals aim to support the identified national objectives as much as they can by sharing knowledge and experiences with their Zimbabwean counterparts.

Speaking to the ZLP lead, Lucia Vambe, this project intends to make a difference to mental health services in Zimbabwe. She also added that they aspire to help establish therapeutic programs that work for mental health patients in Zimbabwe and help improve patient care.

During their initial visit in September 2018, ZLP held training workshops in which they shared knowledge on topics such as management, leadership, customer care and reflective practice. The training workshops were delivered in partnership with the Zimbabwean team. The ZLP team received positive and encouraging feedback from the attendees and also from the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health.

ZLP workshop

ZLP Training Workshop in Harare – September 2018
During their visit the ZLP team attended meetings with a range of stakeholders in the delivery of mental health care including:

· The Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care
· Hospital managers in Harare, Ruwa and Bulawayo
· Shared best practice with therapists at the University of Zimbabwe.
· The British Embassy in Harare
· Non–governmental health organisations in Zimbabwe
· The Zimbabwe Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora
· The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority team who are working on re-branding the country’s tourism.

Nurses Graduation Ceremony:

The team participated in a Nursing Graduation Ceremony where a trophy, named after Lucia Vambe, founder of ZLP was awarded to the best community mental health student.


Four hospitals, a rehabilitation centre and a prison health unit received medical equipment donated by the UK team which included defibrillators, suction machines, dinamaps – blood pressure machines, blood glucose monitoring machines, surgical sundries i.e. bandages, syringes and needles for injections, electrocardiography – (ECG) machine, zimmer frames and walking sticks for physio, bed and bath aids, commodes, emergency resuscitation equipment and bags, ventilator tubes, various clinical items for hospital theatres, medical books for school of nursing, sanitary pads, clothes, shoes, microwave, footballs for psychiatric patients, etc.

ZLP is grateful to everyone who donated items which the health services in Zimbabwe received with gratitude.

For further information and updates on ZLP activities please view their Facebook page @zimbabwelifeproject, Twitter page @LifeZimbabwe and webpage www.zlp.org.uk.

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