Zimbabwe Life Project

Zimbabwe is currently emerging from a period of instability in economic growth and stressful social conditions which is a bedrock of mental health problems. There is a need to review the mental healthcare systems to improve the quality of patient care and experience.

To support the development of new systems and the provision of new knowledge, ‘Practice Development Nurse’ Lucia Vambe has mobilised a team of 20 clinicians to go to Zimbabwe with her this September to offer their skills through information sharing.

The clinicians from the NHS will travel as volunteers and already have the support of the Essex Partnership University Trust and some of Zimbabwe’s top Healthcare leaders. Together, they have agreed a work plan that will be taken forward to improve mental health provision systems and patient care in Zimbabwe.

When the Life Project team return from Zimbabwe, they will follow up their work by providing a report of their findings, the work carried out and recommendations. Their aim is to produce an overall outcome of well-trained staff and well-resourced mental health services in Zimbabwe.

Lucia and her team are looking for YOUR support to send donations and equipment to Zimbabwe this September. Click the following link to contribute towards a good cause: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lucia-vambe



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